Colleen Ansley immigrated to Canada from India. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Bombay, a Business Administration certificate from RyersonUniversity and a Certified Human Resources Professional designation from the University of Toronto.

She enjoys painting and gardening, and regales friends with her creative and ethnic cuisine. She travels extensively and continues to explore other cultures. She lives in Toronto with her husband and children. This is her first novel.

Author’s Note:

Colleen AnsleyI wanted to write about two countries I love – India and Canada. Another reason: In Canada, I’ve met several women like Isabelle who emigrated from other parts of the world. Each woman had her own unique story of struggle and suffering. One problem all of them faced: their initial loneliness, frustration and anguish in building a better life for themselves. “Isabelle of Bombay” mirrors their experiences.

I’ve narrated the story of Isabelle, today’s woman, and described her quest for love and achievement. But I believe that in a world that’s shrinking in many ways, people need greater tolerance and affection for one another regardless of where they come from.

— Colleen Ansley