This riveting novel tells the story of Isabelle, a beautiful child, who grows up in the tempestuous city of Bombay. The book speaks vividly of multicultural Bombay and draws a picture reminiscent of the unspoiled village of Gorai where her grandparents lived.

Isabelle falls in love, gets married, and migrates to Canada, hoping to be part of a more egalitarian society, less driven by inequalities.  But life in the new country is an uphill struggle. She encounters hostility and discrimination in her career and is confronted by more serious  marital problems that rapidly worsen into cruelty and abuse.

Incredibly, two celestial beings follow and guide Isabelle, from above and afar, throughout her life. They don’t intervene actively but subtly guide her toward contentment and love. The real merges with the surreal.

Isabelle of Bombay is a saga of a woman’s faith, love, fortitude and suffering. It is a story of sacrifices and choices in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.