(In Dutch) Isabelle of Bombay is een verhaal dat je grijpt, zelfs als je nooit de OostIndische kultuur hebt beleefd.  Voor mij, als Indische Nederlandse, was het herkenbaar.

Sommige tradities lijken veel op die van ons, zoals bijvoorbeeld het aanspreken van ouderen, al zijn die niet verwand, als ‘tante’ en ‘oom.’ De schrijfster geeft een uitstekende beschrijving van een jong meisje die veel tegenslagen heeft moeten weerstaan, eerst van een krengerige oudere zus, later van een wrede, egoistische echtgenoot.  Maar in het eind, haar sterk, optimistisch karakter overwint alles.

Translation:  Isabelle of Bombay is a story that will grab you, even though you’ve never lived the East Indian culture. For me, as a Dutch Indo, it was recognizable. Some traditions mirror ours, for instance the appellation of elders, even though not related, as ‘tante’ en ‘oom’ (Aunty and Uncle). The author gives an outstanding description of a young girl who had to withstand a lot of adversities, first by a witchy elder sister, later that of a cruel, egotistical husband. But in the end, her strong, optimistic character conquers all.
– Patricia Tiber, Prescott Valley, AZ, USA

“A poignant story of love, trials and tribulations. It is a fascinating book that is hard to put down. The storyline surely qualifies for a movie.”
– Cynthia and Odilio Fernandes, Mumbai, India
Absolutely fabulous; a must read. This novel is fast-paced and the story is well told. You can experience Isabelle’s beautifully crafted roller-coaster journey of love, pain, devotion and courage. 

French translation

Un roman fabuleux qu’il faut absolument lire. Troublante histoire très bien racontée avec des évènements qui s’accélèrent constamment. Vous pouvez vivre chaque instant avec Isabelle qui a surmonté beaucoup de difficultés avec amour et courage. Haletant, émouvant, poignant voici un roman sentimental à suspense efficace.

– Zahwa Antoun – Toronto, Canada

“Even though the villain had my beautiful name, I forgive the author because the book was so bloody good…I loved it!  I laughed, I cried, many times for Isabelle of Bombay. I found so many parallels in her life and mine.
 – Melissa Braganza, Melbourne, Australia


“I truly enjoyed ‘Isabelle of Bombay’ and look forward to the sequel. I think the book should be required reading for Middle School on up. If teenagers could read books like these, there would be better understanding of people and less bigotry.”
– Carolyn Kelly, Providence, Rhode Island

“Disfrute muchísimo cada momento al leer Isabelle, de a poquito me fui involucrando, con cada capítulo crecía mi curiosidad por saber más de la vida de esta niña tan especial. No dejaba de leer. Me llevó en su viajes, alegrías y penas, simplemente fascinante…”
– Mariana Alexandra Suarez Torres, Quito, Ecuador


(English translation: “I enjoyed every moment reading Isabelle, little by little I got involved, with every chapter I got curious to know more about the life of this very special girl. Could not stop reading. She took me on her trips, joys and sorrow, simply fascinating..”)

“Congratulations to the author for such an amazing story – one of the most interesting novels I have read. The interplay involving goddess Kali and saint Brigid makes the story unique. “Isabelle of Bombay” is an inspiration for women/mothers and children who find themselves in similar situations with challenges.”
– J. Cho-Chu (Ontario, Canada)


“Isabelle of Bombay” holds you to the end. The sequence was heart-wrenching, real and believable. The angst was simple and narrative. I have great admiration for the protagonist and her ability to keep surfacing every time misfortune pulls her under. This amazing story of grit has the potential for a sequel.

– Raylynne D’Sa, Mumbai, India


“Isabelle of Bombay” is a brilliant read.  It is a touching, inspiring and educational novel that I just could not put down. I would highly recommend it as a must read for teenagers upwards as there is so much to learn and appreciate about multiculturalism. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

– Joanne Godinho, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand


“I enjoyed the book immensely. Isabelle of Bombay’s struggles saddened me, but her determination, courage and most importantly – faith, in overcoming life’s struggles has truly inspired me. A book that touches your heart.”
– Mital Samani, London, England


“I absolutely LOVED reading “Isabelle of Bombay” and couldn’t put the book down once I got started. Isabelle is a very special person…as a child so thoughtful and kind and full of “spunk”…as an adult so loving, courageous, determined, and full of hope…a true survivor! Her journey from her happy innocent childhood in Bombay to her emotional roller-coaster ride in Toronto totally captivated me. I was overwhelmed with emotion throughout…happiness, sorrow, regret and total elation at the end. A beautifully written book that has so uniquely woven together two major religions, and Indian history and culture…fascinating!
– Lori Scully, Toronto, Canada


“Our congratulations to the author on such a fine book. My wife thoroughly enjoyed it that she is reading it for the second time! The integration of the cosmic beings into the story is very well done. A delightful book that I would highly recommend.”

– Harry Koch, New York, USA


“Isabelle of Bombay” is a well-written literary work. It is a good story that masterfully blends emotions – a quick, enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it.
-Malcolm Prior, Melbourne, Australia


A delightful and engrossing book that took me on a wonderful worldwide adventure – so beautifully written – such heartbreak and joy and vivid imagery.  Isabelle of Bombay’s strength and indomitable spirit shine through with such clarity.  A book that I thoroughly enjoyed.
– Alex Dobson, Virginia, USA     


“Isabelle of Bombay is a wonderful book.  It is inspiring and very touching.  From start to finish I could not put it down. The incredible journey detailed makes it an absolutely compelling read”
-Cynthia Rostie, Toronto, Canada


“I loved reading the book “Isabelle of Bombay.” It is a gripping story of an innocent child and her desire to be loved and accepted. Her persistence, determination and hope in finding happiness and love is admirable. Equally so, is her acceptance of different cultures – a fine example of multiculturalism. It is a novel that is rich in diversity in both countries – India and Canada.”
– Jennie Khalfan, Oakville, Canada


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Isabelle of Bombay.” The author has beautifully described daily life in Bombay, thus delivering a nostalgia of years gone by. It is a well woven story that can touch the heart of everyone.”
-Sherrie Nebe, Queensland, Australia 


“A well written tale that every immigrant could relate to. The cosmic metaphors for India and the West made it so much more interesting and meaningful. Isabelle of Bombay had me totally captivated.”
– Masha Milinusic , Toronto, Canada


“Isabelle of Bombay will always be remembered for her innocence, love, courage and generosity. It was a pleasure to accompany her through her bitter-sweet journey for a few days and I was most disappointed when the book came to an end.”
– Matilda Lopez, Montreal, Canada


“Tears, joy, tears, joy, joy, joy….by far the best book I have read in decades!”
– Martha Keen, Arizona, USA 


I am delighted to have read ‘Isabelle of Bombay’.  It is extremely well-written, very interesting and immensely touching. My best wishes to the author.”
-Robert Houbas, Paris, France 


‘Isabelle of Bombay’ is an amazing story of a dauntless woman’s struggle with numerous obstacles. I was enlightened on some historical, cultural and religious facts in both India and Canada. It is a well-researched novel and definitely worth reading.
– Phyllis Wolfish, Toronto, Canada


Isabelle of Bombay is an intricate story of a staunch woman who faces life struggles in two entirely different cultures.  The Author has beautifully showcased the mythical and historical aspects of the story without compromising either one.

I was left saddened by the atrocities faced by Isabelle’s ancestors, her own personal challenges and discriminations she had to endure.  Yet, I was equally overjoyed by her success, her passion for life and her final triumph over love.  She is truly a perfect specimen of Today’s Woman, leaving her own unique footprint in the global village.
– Sonita Kashyap-Sandhu, Creative Nerds, Ontario, Canada 


Heartwarming and Captivating! “Isabelle of Bombay” is a beautifully written book. It gave me awareness to the many different Indian facts that, living in Mumbai, I did not know and was genuinely surprised. A highly recommended read.
– Vineeta Coutinho-Da Silva, Mumbai, India.


“Isabelle of Bombay” is an enjoyable book of a strong, determined woman who is able to overcome so many trials in life. I was fascinated to learn about Bombay’s early history and its various religions. The vivid description on Canada was well-written. It made me wish that I could personally experience a similar journey in that beautiful country.
– Ruth Prust, South Carolina, USA


A unique and compelling story that engages and entertains throughout. The reader is immersed in a vivid world of contrasting cultures, of true happiness and deep sadness, of comfortable wealth and intolerable poverty. Even the all-knowing deities are perplexed at times! Once read, never forgotten.
– R & P Jones, Great Malvern, UK


As a high school teacher of world religions, I was fascinated how the author beautifully welded together two great religions. I was riveted by Isabelle’s story from beginning to end. The novel is not only a brilliant read, but also inspires us to look at our own life’s journey in finding happiness.
– Denise Parks, North Bay, Ontario, Canada


A touching story that brings hope to women. Isabelle of Bombay’s invincible fortitude when faced with adversity is remarkable. It is a book you will enjoy.
– Veronica Hollingworth, Toronto, Canada


I loved ‘Isabelle of Bombay’. The author’s unique style of writing in weaving this tale kept me engrossed and enlightened on various issues. I was inspired by Isabelle’s courage, persistence and faith in herself. I recommend this book as an excellent read.
– Jacqueline deSa, Arizona, USA


This gripping novel takes readers through Isabelle’s emotional roller-coaster of a journey – her childhood, her starry-eyed romance, the killing of innocence as she endures a traumatic marriage, and her final tryst with true love in Canada.

The book is richly evocative and entertaining in its portrayal of Bombay. But saddened by the overwhelming poverty, depressed over the disparities and contradictions of society, and disappointed by the taboos of colour and gender, Isabelle leaves her people and the city she loves to migrate to Canada, a new land…

Caution: You may not be able to put this book down! You won’t forget Isabelle – her joys, her pain and torment, her love, her devotion to her family and her sacrifices for it. And you will envy Isabelle for her two cosmic Samaritans!

In sum, Colleen Ansley’s debut novel is a gem!
– S R Madhu, writer-editor, Chennai, India


Absorbing, entertaining and inspiring. Isabelle describes her life experiences in Bombay and Canada. Her ability to cope and adapt is admirable. She is a person you would want to meet and emulate.
– Dr. Annette Poon Toye, Toronto, Canada